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Dadang SH Pranoto

The Balinese musician known as Dankie is popular as a singer-songwriter and guitarist in two bands, Navicula and Dialog Dini Hari. Apart from that, he has also expanded his musical career as a solo musician under the moniker Pohon Tua.

Born in Denpasar, November 13, 1978, Dadang's musical career began when he founded the rock band Navicula in 1996. With Navicula, he has played a role in all the albums he co-wrote with his friends from time to time until today.

During his musical period with Navicula, in 2009, Dadang formed Dialog Dini Hari, a musical project with a different style from Navicula, more acoustic with a more story-telling style. In this group, Dadang acts as lead singer and guitar player, Brozio Orah as bass player and accompanist, and Deny Surya as drummer.

Alongside Navicula, Dadang launched his career as a musician in Dialog Dini Hari with the release of the album Beranda Taman Hati in 2008 followed by several albums after that.

As a singer-songwriter, Dadang is known for his distinctive, heavy and storytelling voice. The poetic lyrics he writes are not just words, but full of spiritual values based on his daily experiences and the way he sees the world from all universal aspects.

Pohon Tua, the musical entity he formed, marks his latest musical journey. Unlike Navicula and Dialog Dini Hari, in Pohon Tua, Dadang explores his musical style without limits. He tries new things in music, including jazz, folk and other musical approaches.

Apart from making music in the area of writing, Dadang also acts as a music producer and music director in several musical works popularized by Balinese and other musicians.