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Donne Maulana Yusuf

Donne Maulana is a songwriter and an important figure behind Yura Yunita's song "Merakit".

Donne Maulana is not a foreign name in the music world. The husband of singer Yura Yunita is a singer-songwriter and an important figure behind the writing of Yura's song "Merakit".

Donne's music career began when he joined a band called L band, a pop band that was involved in Musica Studio's music program called Project Pilih 2004. At that time L band created the single "For Whom". His music career continued when he joined the band The OX. The group produced a single titled "The same moon" which was taken as the soundtrack of Raditya Dhika's Kambing Jantan movie.

Many works were created from the writing of Donne Maulana. One of the best known is the song "Nanti Kita Pergi Yang Jauh Ya" with Marchella FP. He also wrote the songs "Tak Terima" and "Teruntuk Jiwa Yang Kupuja" with singer Sheila Dara. He also wrote the song "Wahai Tuan" which successfully raised Tiara Effendy's name and of course, the song "Merakit" which he wrote and sung by Yura Yunita which successfully raised Yura Yunita's name to this day.