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Christopher Bollemeyer


Fajar Endra Taruna

A guitarist doesn't have to be a virtuoso to earn his charisma. That title belongs to Fajar Enda Taruna a.k.a Jarwo. 

Fajar Endra Taruna Mangkudisastro or familiarly called Fajar is known as the guitarist of the band NAIF since 1995. Together with NAIF, the guitarist born in 1974 released many phenomenal works and was favored by the wider community.

Jarwo is known for his simple, flexible guitar playing with catchy melodies that are heard in NAIF's works from time to time.

Outside NAIF, Jarwo is also active as a solo musician under the moniker Mr. Jarwo. Under this moniker, Jarwo has released two albums: 1st Journey and Anti Rebahan, both albums contain works written and produced by him.

His predicate as a guitarist led him to many musical projects. One of them in 2011, Jarwo participated in the compilation album 1000 Guitars for Indonesian Children initiated by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine.