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Franco Wellyjat Medjaya Kusumah

Franco Wellyjat Medjaya Kusumah is a musician and bassist of a band called Ungu. The musician who is popularly known by the nickname Enda was originally a guitar technician for the guitarist of the band Ungu from 1999. Until finally he officially joined as Ungu's second bassist. Together with Ungu, Enda spent approximately 14 studio albums from 2002-2022. Aside from being a bassist, Enda is also active as a songwriter and singer. Together with Oncy, his bandmate, Enda has released the singles "Apa Kabarmu" (2018) and "I Love You Everyday". He also wrote a song for Zara Leola called "SurgaMu" in 2019. During his career as a musician, Enda has received many awards related to his activities and work with Ungu. In addition, he was also awarded the Favorite Guitar Player award at the SCTV Music Awards in 2011.