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Ilman Ibrahim Isa

Many singers today owe a lot to the figure and expertise of this musician and keyboardist. Together with MALIQ & D'Essentials and Lalilmanino, Ilman achieved success as one of the most popular musicians and songwriters in the country.

Ilman's interest in music began when he learned to play guitar in elementary school. He began to play guitar seriously by starting to attend classical music school. In Junior High School, he began to learn keyboards by himself and then seriously studied it at Dwiki Dharmawan's music education institution, Farabi.

His ability to play the keyboard continued until high school, when he began trying to become a keyboardist in various music groups. He played regularly in several cafes around Jakarta. It was then that Ilman got acquainted with Lale and played in the same group, but the music group did not last long.

During that time, Ilman also studied at the Daya Indonesia Music Institute. There Ilman accidentally studied in the same class and became acquainted with Indah, the vocalist of the music group MALIQ & D'Essentials.

His friendship with Lale led Ilman to be asked to be Ifa Fachir's keyboardist until finally in 2011 he officially became the 6th member of MALIQ & D'Essentials.

With MALIQ & D'essentials Ilman released several albums, the popular ones include Sriwedari (2013), and Musik Pop (2014), Senandung Senandika (2017) until the latest album Raya (2021). In addition, he is also involved in several compilation projects and new singles with MALIQ & D'Essentials.

Ilman himself is known as a pop music pianist who has a musical style from a mixture of jazz music as well as soul, disco and strong funk.

In 2014, Ilman started his career as a songwriter and producer with Lale (guitarist of MALIQ & D'Essentials) and Nino (Ran). They named the collaboration between the three of them with their own name, "laleilmanino". Some famous musicians who have worked with him include Marion Jola, Rio Febrian and Eva Celia. Under the Laleilmanino umbrella, Ilman received many awards for the songs he wrote with Laleilmanino.