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Kisnandar Effendi

Besides being the life of the Flanella group, Kidnep is also a good songwriter.

Kisnandar Effendi or popularly called Kidnep is the vocalist of the band Flanella from Malang. Together with his four friends, Ayik (guitar), Catur (drums), Dhana (bass) and Onky (keyboards), Kidnep scored many hit songs with Flanella from the early 2000s.

Flanella itself is an indie band that made an album in the early 2000s titled Berangkat Dari Mimpi.

Flanella's name began to be recognized after they were contracted by Harpa Records and released their first album titled C.A.Y.T. in 2004. The album, which produced the hit single "Bila Anda", was widely played on several radios in Malang and Jakarta. This debut album also successfully scored good sales figures to score platinum.

Their second album Aku Bisa, released in 2006, also received good appreciation, especially from their single with the same title. After the second album, Flanella was signed by Trinity, a major label from Jakarta to release their third album, Berjuta Rasa (2009) and gave birth to the hit single "Selamat Tinggal Cinta Pertama".

Flanella herself cannot be separated from Kidnep's vocals and songwriting, which are mostly about love, sadness and heartbreak. This is reflected in the hit songs she co-wrote with Flanella ranging from "Anjelie", "Cinta Abadi yang Terluka", including "Aku Bisa" and "Bila Engkau".

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