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Michael Christian

Mike Christian is an important figure in both the hit songs "Suka Sama Kamu" and "C.I.N.T.A." by D'Bagindas.

Hearing the name Michael 'Mike' Christian, of course, cannot be separated from songs such as "Suka Sama Kamu" and "C.I.N.T.A" which became hits in Indonesian music in the early 2000s through the band D'Bagindas where Mike became the guitarist of this band.

Mike was the guitarist of D'Bagindas from 2009 to 2014 before he finally took up a solo career and finally left in 2021.

Before D'Bagindas, Mike was active with an underground band called Virus. But not for long, Mike and his friends formed the band D'Bagindas. D'Bagindas successfully enlivened the Indonesian music industry with their distinctive musical characteristics that combine dangdut, keroncong, blues and country.

Aside from being the guitarist, Mike is also the writer of most of D'Bagindas' hit songs, including "Suka Sama Kamu" and "C.I.N.T.A" which became the title of their debut album released in 2010.

In 2019, Mike tried a solo career by releasing his first work titled "Rindu Terhebat" under the name Michael Christian. This single successfully gained attention with a total of more than 100 thousand streams on Spotify and more than 600 thousand viewers on Youtube.