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Raisa Andriana

Raisa is a top singer and songwriter who deserves credit in the journey of Indonesian music.

Raisa's name began to be recognized by the public when she released her debut album titled Raisa. The album, released in 2011, featured six hit singles, respectively "Serba Salah", "Apakah (Arti Menunggu)", "Could it Be", "Melangkah", "Pergilah" and "Terjebak Nostalgia".

The album was a commercial success, it even managed to rank fifth for the best-selling album in Indonesia throughout 2012. In this year, Raisa was honored at Anugerah Musik Indonesia as the Best Newcomer.

Raisa's popularity as a singer attracted the attention of world-renowned musician and composer, David Foster, who once presented Raisa for his concert in Indonesia at his concert in Jakarta in 2012.

Raisa is famous for her vocals that combine colors from jazz, R&B and pop. This is reflected in the works in her albums that have been released since 2011.

So far, Raisa has released 4 studio albums, respectively Raisa (2011), Heart To Heart (2013), Handmade (2016) and It's Personal (2022). Along the way, Raisa has won many music awards both nationally and internationally.