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Rizky Febian

After "Kesempurnaan Cinta", Rizky Febian's name has skyrocketed to become a popular young singer today.

Rizky Febian's name began to be recognized by the public when he released his debut solo album titled Kesempurnaan Cinta. It was the song "Kesempurnaan Cinta", a hit song that brought Rizky to the peak of his success as it is now.

Rizky Febian's name cannot be separated from the involvement of his father, Sutisna or Sule, who has been successful as an entertainer. Born on February 25, 1998, although the blood of art flows from his father, Rizky's passion for art, especially performing arts, has grown since he was in elementary school. At that time Rizky often participated in performing arts, from traditional music, breakdancing, acting to joining a vocal music group with his friends.

On August 11, 2015, Rizky officially stepped into a professional career in music when he released his debut single that he wrote and sang himself titled "Kesempurnaan Cinta". This single immediately exploded and became a hit. The music video itself to this day has been watched more than 55 million times.

This single also led Rizky to receive many awards, both in music and in the entertainment world. Among the prestigious ones are Anugerah Musik Indonesia and Anugerah Planet Muzik.

Two years after the release of his debut single as a singer, on November 23, 2018, Rizky Febian released his first studio album entitled Jejak. In this album, Rizky collaborated with several music producers including Laleilmanino, Rudi Pohang, and Ajeir Effendi. Jejak was successfully nominated in the 2019 Indonesian Music Awards for the Best-Best Album and Best Pop Album categories.

Rizky is known as a singer with a unique voice color, a blend of pop and catchy R&B that makes his voice a trademark in the community.

With a career as a solo singer, Rizky is also involved as a singer and songwriter in collaboration projects with several other Indonesian singers, from Mahalini, Marion Jola, Ziva Magnolya and many more.

In 2020, after parting ways with his old label, Rizky established his own record label, RFAS Music. Here Rizky Febian released the trilogy Garis Cinta, a work consisting of 3 interrelated singles, namely "Cuek", "Mantra Cinta" and "Makna Cinta".

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