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Young Lex is a rapper, singer and songwriter who is active in the country's hip hop music scene.

Young Lex's interest in hip hop began to grow in 2011. He often hung out in the community and often visited beatbox events held by the hip hop community in Indonesia. He also met his friend Felix a.k.a. Flizzy, a rapper known as Uncle Sam. They spent time exploring hip hop music and began writing and producing songs.

His journey in pursuing a career is arguably quite poignant. But it all paid off when his song "Ini Gaya Gue featuring Iwa K" became the soundtrack to the film King of Rock City, a film that at the time was recognized as the first Indonesian hip hop film.

From here, his career skyrocketed, Young Lex began to release his first album which he released himself digitally titled YOGS (Young Original Gila Swag). He also promoted this album by doing a mini concert in Jakarta. The release of this album made his name rise in the country's hip hop music scene.

In his career, Young Lex also often collaborates with other musicians, including AwKarin. In his single "Bad Ass", Young Lex was lined up to be the director of the song. This collaboration project, although it caused controversy, but the single along with the video clip managed to catapult Young Lex and AwKarin into internet sensations at that time.

In addition, Young Lex also collaborated with Gamaliel GAC on the song "Show", then with Kemal Palevi and Saykoji on the song "GC Dong" to the latest with Gisel on the song "Masih Bisa Panjang".

Young Lex himself is still actively writing and releasing his work. His last single "Lepas" (2022) garnered almost 1 million streams.