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Stevie Morley Item

Stevie Morley Item or Stevi Item is one of the guitarists popular with the bands Dead Squad and Andra & The Backbone.

Born into a family of musicians, his father Jopie Item is a legendary guitarist. His sister, Audy Item, first had a career as a singer.

Stevie's professional music career began when he formed Dead Squad. With this death metal band, Stevie began to pursue a career from stage to stage in metal scene, resulting in several albums and still exists today.

His introduction to Dewa19 guitarist Andra Ramadhan resulted in the formation of a music project called Andra & The Backbone with vocalist Dedy Lisan where Stevie acted as a guitarist with Andra.

Stevie himself is known as a guitarist with an aggressive style of playing but on the one hand can also be romantic. This is evident from the songs he often writes with both Dead Squad and Andra & The Backbone. The works of these two bands also often receive prestigious Indonesian music awards.

Outside of these two bands, the guitarist born in Jakarta, 1979, also often acts as a session guitarist for several Indonesian musicians, from Audy, Iwak K, Oppie Andaresta to Dewa19.