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Didik Prasetyo

The name Didik Prasetyo or Didik Kempot is inseparable in the history of Indonesian music, especially campursari.

He is nicknamed the "Godfather of Broken Heart", a nickname that came from Didi Kempot's songs that tell stories of sadness and heartbreak. Didik Kempot has popularized campursari for a long time thanks to songs such as "Cidro", "Stasiun Balapan" etc, these songs are popular with many circles, from the old to the young generation, especially millennials since the past 5 years.

Born on December 31, 1966, Didik started his music career in 1984 as a street musician. With ukulele and kendhang instruments, Didi Kempot started busking in his hometown, Surakarta, for three years. In 1987, he moved to Jakarta and busked with his friends.

From his busking experience, Didi Kempot and his friends tried the recording kitchen. The recordings were printed on cassettes and sent to several music studios in Jakarta. After several failures, they finally managed to attract the attention of Musica Studio's label. In 1989, Didi Kempot released his first album. One of the mainstay songs on the album was "Cidro".

Throughout his career, Didik Kempot has released more than 25 albums from studio albums, best singles compilations and live albums and has written around 700 more song titles, most of which are written in Javanese. He has also experienced various stages throughout his career, from Indonesia to Europe.