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Moch Charly Van Houten

Charly Van Houten is an inseparable name in the journey of Malay pop music in the 2000s.

Moch Charly Van Houten is known as a musician and composer who started his career as the vocalist of the group ST12, before leaving and forming Setia Band.

Through ST12, the man born on November 5, 1979 is known as one of the vocalists who shone when Indonesian music was rife with Malay pop groups in the mid-2000s. When it comes to Charly, no one can forget his distinctive melayu crook that has been remembered by his fans from the past to this day through songs such as "P.U.S.P.A", "Cari Pacar Lagi" and ST12's works as well as Setia Band's works such as "Istana Bintang" and "Asmara". However, Charly is also known for his jazz accent, which is quite thick, especially when he performs several jazz song covers as he has shown through several appearances on Youtube.

ST12 itself was founded by Charly with three other personnel, namely Ilham Febry aka Pepep (drums), Dedy Sudrajat aka Pepeng (guitar), and Iman Rush (guitarist) in 2004. The name ST12 stands for Jalan Stasiun Timur No. 12, where they usually hang out.

With ST12, Charly gained success with 3 studio albums and 1 repackage album released between 2005-2010 before closing his sheet with ST12 on October 9, 2011.

Not long after, Charly returned to music by founding Setia Band. With Setia Band, Charly successfully made 4 studio albums from 2012-2019, including Satu Hati (2012), Menggapai Istana Bintang (2015) and Bintang Kehidupan (2017) and Menanti Matahari Terbit (2019).