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Muhammad Tulus

Muhammad Tulus is one of the top 5 national singers whose name is popular to this day thanks to the songs he wrote.

Born on August 20, 1987, although his talent as a singer has stood out since he was in 3rd grade, Tulus' songwriting experience began when he was studying in Bandung after being taught by his friend.

His experience as a songwriter and singer was tested in his first album entitled TULUS in 2011. In this album, he was involved as a songwriter in almost all tracks in the album.

As a singer and songwriter, he actively releases his own music. Not only acting as an artist, Tulus also plays an important role in the record label and talent management company built with his older brother, Riri Muktamar. Tulus Company has officially released 5 bags of albums.

Besides being popular with his distinctive pop sound, Tulus himself is known as a songwriter with simple and touching lyrics with titles born from everyday things combined with curious parables such as "Sepatu", "Sewindu", "Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya" and his latest hit single "Hati Hati di Jalan".

In addition to studio albums, TULUS himself also often collaborates with other musicians, including "Semua Murid Semua Guru" (with Andien, Vidi Aldiano, Endah N Rhesa, Tompi, Indra Aziz and Glenn Fredly) which was released in 2018 and the hit to this day is "Adu Rayu" with Glenn Fredly and Yovie Widianto. TULUS has received dozens of awards in music during his 10-year musical journey, one of the first was when Rolling Stone Indonesia Magazine named Tulus as Editor's Choice: Rookie of the Year in 2013. In addition, his debut album was ranked first on the Rolling Stone chart in January and February 2012. TULUS has also received several AMI Awards from the beginning of his career until today.